My First English Novel “Missing in Jakarta” is on Sale on Amazon!

I’ve been contemplating novel writing since a few years back, and then covid19 hit us, and it gave me lots of time to do things I hadn’t plan for.

Right after February this year, I lost almost all my income sources due to cancellation of classes and I had to figure out how to adjust and find ways to survive financially. Everything moved to Online, so I got myself onto airbnb experience hosting, preply teaching platform, meetup, lots of social media promotions and a couple of other Korean freelance work platforms. But they haven’t actually brought me much income so far.

So, to be honest I could only do what I love to do; Write!

I was already done with my first science fiction drama feature script and thankfully a couple of Korean producers and a Singaporean producer showed their interest in taking on the project. That was early this year and the project has gone through a mentoring session during the preliminary round of selection at the Incheon Fantasy Convention Film Project Support Program. I’m working on the revised version of the feature script and should be done with it by the end of the year.

The original story for my first English novel comes from a feature script that I wrote back in 2017. The novel is an adaptation of the script.

Just to mention how I got my hands on writing a crime drama, the spark of curiosity started when I was staying in Jakarta a few years back, when I had to put myself away to focus on a very personal writing. It was a lonesome and awesome experience, to be able to think only about my work, without any interference of outside matters, in a place where I was an alien. It was just what I needed to delve into my own psyche back then. That story is completed and it awaits revision sometime in the future.

It was on those lone walkabouts in Jakarta city that I came across some of the scenes I witnessed and then sculpted into the crime drama; the prostitutes, slums, foreign men with local women, cleaners, laborers, shopkeepers, money exchange counters, dark alleys, roadside barbecue shops, hostel room and so on. With added research on actual events, history and other details, I finally created the story.

I really hope the story is interesting, thought provoking as well as entertaining to those who choose to read it. Thank you in advance! 🙂

Link to my novel on amazon:

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